Dear foreign visitor,

Welcome to my blog, my very own speaker’s corner where I blog about my life as a writer/filmmaker and the things I come across.

99% of it is in Dutch– sorry.

A brief blurb:
  • Born in 1983, I have a masters in Filmstudies from Utrecht University, minors in Philosophy, Entrepreneuring and briefly studied at the Dutch filmacademy. I’ve directed a play, three short films and run my own filmcompany, working as a writer-producer. I also work as a director at BNNZ, an Amsterdam based creative production house and as creative at Buutvrij for life.
  • In 2008, my second short ADAM was selected for various filmfestivals and nominated for an NBC Universal Shocking Short award and an IJzeren Haring.
  • In 2009, I wrote optioned work for Eyeworks, Phantavision and Revolver. Last year I got a writing credit for Eyework’s kids tv show “De Bende van Sjako”, airing in 2010/2011.
  • I’ve been writing on my manuscript ‘Everything smells like chocolate‘ since january 2010, which was published by Podium in october 2011. The bookapp of that book won a Golden Spinaward and various nominations (Boekblad, Uitgeverscongres)
  • As of yet (fall 2012) I’m writing my second novel both as a manuscript and a digital app. I’m developing a literary TV show and I work as a public speaker at The Next Speaker.

you can also check out my LinkedIn and  Twitter profiles.

Should you be interested in hearing more about my short films, my first novel, the bookapp or the projects I’m currently developing, please feel free to contact me via email or twitter.


Sidney Vollmer.


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